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Pulitzer Prize Awarded
December 4, 1969
Pulitzer Prize for photography awarded to Moneta Sleet Jr. of Ebony magazine. He was the first Black male cited by the Pulitzer committee. In 1969 Moneta J. Sleet Jr. became the first African American male and the first African American photographer to win a Pulitzer Prize. He served as staff photographer for the Johnson Publishing Company for over four decades, covering some of the most important events of twentieth-century history. Sleet's Pulitzer Prize-winning photographic portrait of Coretta Scott King and her youngest child, Bernice, was taken during Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral. In one split second Sleet captured what words could never adequately express. Whether he was creating images of celebrities or the largely anonymous, all were "photographed with the care and sensitivity that are Moneta Sleet trademarks," in the words of an Ebony article of January 1987.
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