My name is Ken Granderson, and since 1992, when I founded my first tech venture Inner-City Software in Boston, I have been working with a singular goal in mind:

“To help close the Digital Divide by establishing world-class leadership in the technology space by creating technology products and solutions by and for people of African descent.”
Inner-City Software Logo, 1992

While on a personal level, I have demonstrated this by conceiving, creating and standing up educational sites and products

Splash Screen, Digital CD-ROM Version of 'African Americans in Boston - More Than 350 Years', 1995
Boston Globe Story on 350 Years CD-ROM, 1995
WCVB-TV News Story on 350 Years CD-ROM, 1995
Breakthrough, The Changing Face of Science in America - One of several sites built for Blackside (Eyes on the Prize) Productions, 1996 - The World's First Database-Driven Black History Site, 1997
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr Site, built for the family in conjunction with the 2002 film 'Keep the Faith, Baby' – 2002

digital urban communities,

Inner City Access - Web Sites for Boston's Inner City Communities, 1996
Bay State Banner Article on Inner City Access, 1996
New England Cable News Story on Inner City Access, 1996
Boston Globe Article on, 2002
Screenshot of, 2002
Bank / Community Organization Partners,, 2002

online urban newspapers

Bay State Banner - Digital Version, 2001

and government information systems that helped benefit communities of color

Ez-Info - Boston Empowerment Zone Listings, 1998
He 'invented' the Internet. I worked to give black people reasons to use it, 1997
Boston Connects / Ez-Info Boston's Empowerment Zone, 2002
Government of Saint Lucia Website, 2013

during my time in Boston, I was never able to find collaborators who were able to help me scale my efforts to a higher level.

So, I have returned to my hometown of Brooklyn to continue my mission of deploying my technical talents towards the goal of ‘uplifting the race’

First of a couple of Black Enterprise mentions, 1996
Article on being an inner city technical evangelist, 1998

and am trying to create symbiotic relationships with people and organizations in New York who have similar initiatives / objectives, who may be strong on business, political networking and other skills, but could use a spare tech visionary and guru.

My primary entrepreneurial focus now is evolving, which I stood up in 1997 as a technology awareness project, into a profitable small business that will become the leading source of Black History information on the internet and through various devices.

Blackfacts is the first step of a larger technology platform my partner Dale Dowdie and I call the Wakanda Technology Initiative™, which seeks to do nothing less than establish an online platform of software services that will power black organizations and businesses across the nation with current leading technologies at affordable costs and with no on-staff nerds required.
(In general I don't play games, but when I do, the only game I play is called 'Changing the Game.')

If you want more information regarding our roadmap for the Wakanda Technology Initiative concept, please contact Dale at but give a little time for a response, as right now, we are feverishly working on getting Blackfacts ready for Black History Month 2020 with a slew of new features!

And if you are in the New York City area, I am also interested in learning about local community technology initiatives that might be a good fit for my vision and skill set, although my ability to participate at any meaningful level will be limited until after Black History Month 2020.

On another note, we also are looking to collaborate on several venture ideas that we secured domain names for back in the 90s but have not found the right partners for, including, and what we expect to be the leading black-oriented social networking site in the future, (Yup, we own that name).

So thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully it gives you a clear idea of where we have come from and where we are headed, and if you think you are able to help grease the wheels of progress of this vision, I would love to hear from you at

And if you aren't sure of any way you can help, just share the site with anyone you think would be interested, and you will have helped more than you know. Sharing will increase public awareness of Blackfacts, and public awareness is, at the end of the day, the one thing that will give Blackfacts the potential of being the revolutionary tech application that we are working to make it.

Many thanks.

When you know that you stand on the shoulders of giants, It is easier to see yourself from a higher place.
—Ken Granderson

Finally, is dedicated to my childhood Black Studies teacher Mrs. Jacquelyn Lee, who planted the seed of curiousity about my history in my mind a long forty years ago. My dedication message to Mrs. Lee is here: Black Facts Dedication

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