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7/30/1970 12:00:00 AM - Author, Louis Lomax, dies

Author, Louis Lomax, dies
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7/30/1967 12:00:00 AM - Riot in Milwaukee

Riot, Milwaukee, July 30-August 3. National Guard mobilized. Four persons killed.
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7/30/1945 12:00:00 AM - Activist and politician Adam Clayton Powell Jr., elected congressman from Harlem

Activist and politician Adam Clayton Powell Jr., elected congressman from Harlem, 1945
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7/30/1936 12:00:00 AM - Buddy Guy is born.

Influential blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy is born in Lettsworth, LA, USA. His most poular records include "First Time I Met The Blues" and "Stone Crazy".
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7/30/1866 12:00:00 AM - First Black to Sit in Legislature

Edward G. Walker, son of abolitionist David Walker, and Charles L. Mitchell electee to Massachusetts Assembly from Boston and became the first Blacks to sit in the Legislature of an American state in the post-Civil War period.
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7/30/1866 12:00:00 AM - Attack on black and white Republicans

White Democrats, led by police, attacked a convention of Black and white Republicans in New Orleans. More than 40 persons were killed, and at least 150 were wounded. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, Military commander of the state, said, "It was not riot; it was an absolute massacre...which the mayor and the police of the city perpetrated without the shadow of a necessity."
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7/30/1864 12:00:00 AM - Union blows everyone away

Union exploded mine under rebel lines near Petersburg, committed three white and one Black divisions and was soundly defeated. Black division of Ninth Corps sustained heavy casualties in ill-planned attack. Only union success of day was scored by Forty-third U.S.C.T. which captured two hundred rebels and two stands of colors. Decatur Dorsey of Thirty-ninth U.S.C.T. won a Congressional Medal of Honor.
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7/30/1863 12:00:00 AM - President Lincoln issued "eye-for-eye" order

President Lincoln issued "eye-for-eye" order, warning Confederacy that the Union would shoot a rebel prisoner for every Black prisoner shot, and would condemn a rebel prisoner to a life of hard labor for every Black prisoner sold into slavery. Order had restraining influence on Confederate government, through individual commanders and soldiers continued to murder captured Black soldiers.
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7/30/1839 12:00:00 AM - Slave rebels, led by Joseph Cinquez

Slave rebels, led by Joseph Cinquez, killed captain and took over slaver Amistad in most celebrated of American slave mutinies. Rebels were captured off Long Island on August 26.
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7/30/1822 12:00:00 AM - James Varick

James Varick consecrated as the first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
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