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1972 - James M. Rodger, Jr.

James M. Rodger, Jr. first African American to be named National Teacher of the Year is honored at a White House ceremony.
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1972 - Robert Wedgeworth

Robert Wedgeworth is named the first African American Director of the American Library Association.
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1944 - Bill Pickett, dies

At the age of 72 black cowboy Bill Pickett died after being kicked while roping a bronco. a star of the 101 Ranch wild West Show, Mr. Pickett invented the rodeo event of bulldogging , an event in which the contestant must wrestle a longhorn steer to the ground with his bare hands.
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1944 - The United Negro College Fund.

On April 24, 1950, the United Negro College Fund was founded.
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1886 - Roman Catholic Priest

Augustus Tolton ordained a Roman Catholic priest in Rome, was assigned to America.
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1884 - National Medical Association of Black Physicians

National Medical Association of Black Physicians organized in Atlanta, Ga.
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1867 - Ku Klux Klan

First national meeting of the Ku Klux Klan held at the Maxwell House in Nashville, Tenn.
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1867 - Ride-ins on Virginia Streetcars

Black demonstrators staged ride-ins on Richmond, Va., streetcars. Troops were mobilized to restore order.
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