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1989 - Huey P. Newton killed

Black Panther Party Co-founder Huey P. Newton was gunned down by a member of the Black Guerila Family drug ring.
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1979 - Two hundred Black leaders met in New York,

Two hundred Black leaders, meeting in New York, expressed support for Andrew Young and demanded that Blacks be given a voice in shaping American foreign policy.
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1978 - Death of Jomo Kenyatta

Death of Jomo Kenyatta (83), president of Kenya.
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1917 - Blues artist John Lee Hooker born

Blues singer, songwriter and guitarist John Lee Hooker was born in Clarkdale, Mississippi. Hooker began his 50 years as a musician at age 14, when he sang with religious groups and studied guitar with Will Moore. By age 73, Hooker had received the 1968-69 Best Blues Album award from "Jazz and Pop" magazine, the 1975 Blues Hall of Fame Award from "Ebony" magazine and the 1983 Folk Heritage award from the Smithsonian Institution.
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1867 - First Black College Founded in Tennesee

The first Black college founded in Tennesee was Fisk University. Although work on the school was started in October 1865, it did not become incorporated under Tennesee law until this day.
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1844 - Blaks Declare Segregation a Violation

A mass meeting of blacks in Boston adopted a resolution declaring that segregated public schools in that city violated the State Constitution. Their request was denied.
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1843 - National Convention of Black Men Held

A national convention of black men was held in Buffalo, NY. The black abolitionist Henry Highland Garnett called for a slave revolt and a general strike across black America. Frederick Douglass denounced the speech.
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1791 - 1st Annual Almanac

Mathematician Benjamin Banneker served on commission which surveyed the District of Columbia. Benjamin Banneker issued his first annual almanac.
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1791 - Haitian Revolution began with revolt of slaves in

Haitian Revolution began with revolt of slaves in northern province.
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