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Black Slaves Welcomed Into Amer. Army
November 29, 1780
Lemuel Haynes, Revolutionary War veteran, licensed to preaching to the Congregational Church. After the winter of Valley Forge, Black slaves and free men were welcomed into the American Army. There were Black soldiers in the Revolutionary army from all of the original thirteen colonies. Most of the estimated five thousand Black soldiers fought in integrated units. Blacks soldiers were in the front lines in most of the big battles of the war. They were at White Plains, Stillwater, Bennington, Bemis Heights, Saratoga, Stony Points, Trenton, Princeton, Eutaw, S.C., and Yorktown. Blacks were critical factors in the battles of Rhode Island, Long Island, Red Bank, Savannah, Monmouth and Fort Griswold. There were Black fifers and drummers in some units.
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