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100 Best Rap/ Hip-Hop Albums of the 2000s

Two of the three masterminds behind Fantastic Vol.2 are no longer alive, but this album left an indelible mark on hip-hop. SV"s experimentation with neo-soul and quirky raps flung the door open for groups like Little Brother and Tanya Morgan.

9. Reflection Eternal - Train Of Thought

Lyricist extraordinaire Talib Kweli and sonic force Hi-Tek collaborate on a masterwork that underlined the Rawkus era in hip-hop.

8. dead prez - Let"s Get Free

The most revolutionary hip-hop group since Public Enemy, dead prez helped revive the conscious movement with this powerful debut LP.

7. M.O.P. - Warriorz

M.O.P. hits the pleasure center of high-energy hip-hop lovers. Not for the weak at heart (or ear), Warriorz gets a boost from DJ Premier"s grimy production.

6. Blackalicious - Nia

A transcendent mix of lo-fi rap and beautiful noise that eschewed hip-hop stereotypes. Nia positioned itself as the anti-DMX in a realm where gun-toting was the norm.

5. Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Deltron 3030

Rather than chase trends by faking gangsta reality, Del opts to fuse his unabashedly geeky concepts with Dan the Automator"s sharp rhythms and emerges with a wildly imaginative debut.

4. Common - Like Water For Chocolate

The epic that signaled Common"s stunning leap from booky underground darling to fully realized artist.

3. OutKast - Stankonia

Two dope boys from ATL lay down funky riffs and melodies while dropping musical bombs. The jagged edges fit together like a sonic Jenga.

2. Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP

An undeniable hip-hop masterpiece that reinforced Eminem"s status as one of the most exciting artists of the new millennium.

1. Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele

Ghostface teamed up with The RZA to create an album that redefined hip-hop"s cutting edge sensibilities. The rest of the game is still playing catch-up.

10. Aesop Rock - Labor Days

Aesop is one of the best rapping white boys not named Marshall. The dictionary-toting MC/producer Aesop Rock made his presence known by creating an album that was sonically and thematically

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