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5 Memorable Quotes That Make "Kill a Mockingbird" an Evergreen Classic

Harper Lee summarizes the story in the title -- To Kill a Mockingbird. A mockingbird represents innocence. The story tells us of an innocent man who is sentenced due to racial prejudice. Every To Kill a Mockingbird quote on this page preaches a universal truth.

Here are 5 most memorable quotes from the novel.

This quote may seem like a cliche to many, but in the context of the movie, this quote has great significance.

Miss Maudie Atkinson is the witty neighbour who is a silent supporter of Scout and Atticus Finch. Miss Maudie wants to show her solidarity with the family. Her words may seem cliched, but it bears a lot of meaning and significance in the story.

This particular quote is analogous to the theme of the story. The mockingbird portrays innocence and happiness. The mockingbird does not hurt anyone, and simply spreads happiness through its songs. The mockingbird is symbolic of Tom Robinson who was an innocent man, yet he was killed. With the example of the mockingbird, Harper Lee wants us to focus on the fact that the murder of Robinson was a sin.

This is a poignant quote from Atticus Finch, who wants to install the right values in his children. As a part of his moral education, Atticus made Jem visit Mrs. Dubose, a cranky old lady who was addicted to morphine. Jen had to read to her every day. Though Mrs. Dubose had been exceptionally harsh towards Atticus, he wanted his children to help Mrs. Dubose fight her drug dependancy through the readings.

Apparently, it helped her. After the woman dies, Atticus reveals his respect and admiration for the old woman who tried to fight her addiction with willpower. He considers that the mark of real courage.

Through this quote, the author establishes the courage of Atticus Finch, who has chosen to defend Tom Robinson despite knowing that he has no hope to win the case.

This is a quote worth thinking about. As parents, we often worry about children using abusive language. Children pick up cuss words from their peers, friends, and even adults. In this quote, Atticus

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