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African American History and Women Timeline 1970-1979

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• Cheryl Adrienne Brown, Miss New York, became the first African American contestant in the Miss America pageant

• (August 7) Angela Davis, radical black activist and philosopher, was arrested as a suspected conspirator in the abortive attempt to free George Jackson from a courtroom in Marin County, California

• (January 11) Mary J. Blige born (singer)

• Beverly Johnson appears on the cover of Glamour, the first African American woman to be featured that way by a major fashion magazine

• Mahalia Jackson died (gospel singer)

• Shirley Chisholm became the first African American woman candidate for President, with more than 150 delegate votes at the 1972 Democratic convention

• Barbara Jordan elected to Congress, the first African American woman from a former Confederate state to be elected to the House

• Yvonne Braithwaite Burke elected to Congress, the first black woman elected to the House from California

• Patricia Roberts Harris became chair of the Democratic National Convention; Yvonne Braithwaite Burke was co-chair of the convention

• Haitian boat people begin arriving in Florida

• Angela Davis acquitted in California by an all-white jury of charges from a 1970 shootout

• (January 27) Mahalia Jackson died (singer)

• (July 7) Lisa Leslie born (basketball player)

• Eleanor Holmes Norton and others found the National Black Feminist Organization.

• Marion Wright Edelson creates the Childrens Defense Fund.

• Cardiss Collins elected to Congress from a Chicago district, succeeding her husband

• Shirley Chisholm became the first African American woman elected to Congress  

• Alberta Williams King, Martin Luther King, Jr.s mother, and a deacon, were killed during services at Ebenezer Baptist Church

• Mary Bush Wilson becomes first African American woman board chair of the NAACP (the first chair, Mary White Ovington, was a white woman)

• Joanne Little acquitted of murder charges - she had stabbed a jailer with an ice pick to avoid sexual assault

• Leontyne Price awarded Italys Order of Merit

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