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African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) Beliefs

The AMEC, or African Methodist Episcopal Church, is Methodist in its beliefs and was founded nearly 200 years ago to give blacks their own place of worship. AMEC members hold to Bible-based doctrines similar to those of other Christian denominations.

Baptism: Baptism marks a profession of faith and is a sign of the new birth.

Bible: The Bible contains all knowledge necessary for salvation.

If it cannot be found in the Bible or supported by Scripture, it is not required for salvation.

Communion: The Lords Supper is a sign of Christian love for one another and a sacrament of our redemption by Christs death. The AMEC believes that the bread is a partaking of the body of Jesus Christ and the cup is a partaking of the blood of Christ, by faith.

Faith, Works: People are counted righteous only through the saving work of Jesus Christ, by faith. Good works are the fruit of faith, pleasing to God, but cannot save us from our sins.

Holy Spirit: AMEC Articles of Faith state: The Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son, is of one substance, majesty and glory with the Father and the Son, very and eternal God.

Jesus Christ: Christ is very God and very man, was crucified and rose bodily from the dead, as a sacrifice for original and actual sins of humanity. He bodily ascended into heaven, where he sits at the Fathers right hand until he returns for the final judgment.

Old Testament: The Old Testament of the Bible promised Jesus Christ as Savior. The ceremonies and rites given by Moses are not binding on Christians, but all Christians are to obey the Ten Commandments, which are Gods moral laws.

Sin: Sin is an offense against God, and may still be committed after justification, but there is forgiveness, through the grace of God, for those who truly repent.

Tongues: According to AMEC beliefs, speaking in church in tongues not understandable by the people is a thing repugnant to the Word of God.

Trinity: The AMEC professes faith in one God, of infinite power, wisdom and goodness, the maker and preserver of

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