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Discovering The Civil War with Ken Burns

Ken Burns, the documentary filmmaker extraordinaire who brought the Civil War to life for so many of us, joined the National Archives in opening a press preview of our latest exhibit: Discovering the Civil War.

The exhibit aimed to make the Civil War strange again. You could find Manassas and Appomattox, a letter from the Confederate government seeking recognition from Pope Pius IX, or a facsimile of two separate versions of the 13th amendment—one that outlawed slavery, and one that did not.

Part One of the exhibit ran from April 30, 2010 through September 6, 2010

Discover the Civil War at the National Archives - Duration: 3:56. US National Archives 19,389 views

Civil War Widows Pension Digitization Project at the National Archives - Duration: 5:43. US National Archives 14,254 views

The Lincoln Lectures — Assassins Accomplice: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln - Duration: 54:41. US National Archives 20,252 views

Land and Live in the Jungle - Duration: 1:00:12. US National Archives 156 views

The Lincoln Lectures — Looking for Lincoln: The Making of an American Icon - Duration: 1:03:56. US National Archives 5,590 views

Women In Leadership: Journalism - Duration: 1:29:29. US National Archives 52,291 views

Yukawa Story - 1954 - Duration: 2:11. US National Archives 1,314 views

Photographic Intelligence for Bombardment Aviation - Duration: 23:14. US National Archives 207 views

Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam - Duration: 1:29:11. US National Archives 661 views

Reconnaissance Pilot - Duration: 28:40. US National Archives 324 views

Position Firing - Duration: 14:20. US National Archives 527 views

World War II and the First Motion Picture Unit Films (2017 Sept 19) - Duration: 1:22:42. US National

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