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Football matches to resume in Libya's premier league | Africanews

It has now been several months without any football matches in Libya. Though many blame the Covid 19 pandemic for it, games in Libya's premier league stopped even before the spread of coronavirus.

But to some good news now, games are about to begin.  Nasser Fakroun, head coach of Al Ahli Benghazi can't wait.

"The Libyan Football Federation has had its shortcomings for not starting the local league, we could have restarted the Libyan Premier League by now. It is unreasonable, as you know, for Al Ahli to go 13 months without playing any matches, this has a huge impact on the players and for football in Libya. Even CAF or FIFA have agreed to us to starting the league this year" he says.

Fakroun thinks this is also a great opportunity. 

"We honestly want to take advantage of this opportunity to press the Libyan Football Federation so they can restart the domestic league immediately." he explains.

Libya's Youth and Sports Authority announced last week the gradual resumption of sports in the country, including the Libyan Premier League. 

The suspension of sports in the country for many was a hard blow. 

"Football stopped even before the spread of coronavirus, that psychologically affected the team, but thanks to God, conditions now are better than before, and God willing, these conditions that we see in the country are improving and the situation is better than before. As you know, the recent statement from the president of the Libyan Football Federation that they would restart the Libyan league within a month or two,God willing, this will support the team." Abdel-Gawad Rizq, Al Ahli Benghazi player explains.

Libya’s warring sides signed an agreement for “a permanent ceasefire in all areas of Libya” in October, raising hopes the long-running conflict may finally reach a lasting peace.

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