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Glenn Harrington, Carmel, California

Glenn Harrington, is a native of Massachusetts, who has lived in the Seattle area since 1968.  He was educated at Gordon College and Suffolk University Law School, both in Massachusetts.  His business career was primarily as an Insurance Executive, serving as Vice President of Marketing and National Sales Director for Merrill Lynch Life Insurance Company, until the company headquarters was moved from Seattle to New Jersey in the early 1990s.   Glenn is currently President of the Northwest Planning Group, with an office in Magnolia, and of the PacWest Planning Group, with an office in Carmel, California.

Glenn has served on numerous Seattle area Boards and Committees.  He is a Past Vice President of Seattle Opera; Past President of The Rainier Club; Past President of the Rainier Heritage Foundation and the Rainier Arts & Library Foundation; Former Trustee of the Saint Marks Cathedral Foundation; Past President of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce; Founding President of the Rotary Club of Magnolia (on behalf of Seattle Four Rotary, of which he was a member); Currently a Director of the Washington State Convention Center Arts Foundation; and a member of numerous Planned Giving Committees.

Glenns strong interest in history, and his New England heritage are the elements that draw his interest in, and support of   Several of Glenns Massachusetts ancestors, their uncles and cousins, were important supporters of the Abolitionist Movement.  Glenn is justifiably proud of his familys involvement in the New England Emigrant Aid Society, which assured that Kansas would join the Union as a Free State.  Eli Thayer, the Societys founder, and Amos Adams Lawrence, its principal financier, were both family members.  A cousin, Robert Gould Shaw, was the Colonel who led the Massachusetts 54th Regiment in the famous Civil War assault on Fort Wagner (dramatized in the film Glory).  Hannibal Hamlin, Lincolns Vice President during his first term, was another prominent relation.  Hamlin was a strong proponent of

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