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Left of Black with James Peterson and Rashod Ollison

Dirk Philipsen - Freedom Politics: From Jim Crow through Civil Rights & Black Power

North Carolinas role in the global spider web

Left of Black with Joshua Bennett

Left of Black with Shayne Lee and Treva Lindsey

Deborah Jenson, Trauma in Theory and Culture in Haiti

Durham Eats: Sam Poley on Local Food Culture

Left of Black with Farai Chideya and Cathy Cohen

Michael Denning discusses Michael Hardt and Antonio Negris Trilogy

Debriefing the 2010 World Cup: Laurent Dubois on World Cup History

Debriefing the 2010 World Cup: Laurent Dubois Debates the Costs of the World Cup

Debriefing the 2010 World Cup: Laurent Dubois on Why the World Cup Is Special

Debriefing the 2010 World Cup: Laurent Dubois on FIFA in South Africa

Orin Starn on the Tiger Woods Scandal and Woods Racial Identity

Orin Starn discusses Tiger Woods Scandal in the Media

Orin Starn on Tiger Woods the Brand and Barack Obama

Orin Starn analyzes Tiger Woods Scandal and How it Relates to Modern Day Scandals

Wednesday at the Center Guests Sam Iglesias and Jade Davis Present The Feedbacker

Left of Black with T.J. Anderson and Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Left of Black with Byron Hurt and Blair Kelley

David King, The Bad Plus

Natanya Duncan: The Efficient Women of the UNIA

Miriam Cookes Reading of To the Tyrants of the World

Frances Hasso: The Jasmine Revolution

Azeddine Chergui: Morocco

Brandon Gorman: Discourses of the Democracy in Authoritarian Contexts

Kathleen Fitzpatrick: The Future of Authorship: Writing in the Digital Age

Left of Black with S. Craig Watkins

Bill Waiser: Saskatchewan in 1905 and

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