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Setting Aside Race: Selected Books by Black Authors in Which Blackness is Not the Predominant Theme

Compiled by Robert Fikes, Jr., Librarian

University Library,  San Diego State University

Compiler’s note: This project began in the early 1980s with the intention of documenting through the output of mostly scholarly books the extent to which black authors increasingly addressed the world beyond the black community.  For purposes of control, books listed here are more than 100 pages in length by persons of African descent who are the sole or principal authors and who have lived in the United States.  Children’s books, books with little or no text, edited books with multiple contributors, and those books believed to be mostly ghostwritten, self-published, or published by vanity presses were excluded. There are approximately 2,000 titles on this list.  If you want more information about this list and its compilation please contactMr. Robert Fikes at

Humanities | Social Sciences | Science, Technology, Health | Miscellaneous / Advise, How-To

Humanities (Art, Religion, Literature, Philosophy, Music, Languages, etc.)

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