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Sudan: Irrigation Minister Invites Egyptian, Ethiopian Counterparts to Trilateral Meeting

Khartoum — The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. Yasser Abbas, has extended, today, invitations to his Egyptian and Ethiopian counterparts to participate in the trilateral meeting to continue the negotiations of the Renaissance Dam, which will be held on sphere tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9.

The upcoming meeting is a continuation of the previous negotiating rounds on the Renaissance Dam, and a culmination of the efforts made by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamduk, which led to the agreement of Egypt and Ethiopia to resume the tripartite negotiations in order to reach a comprehensive and satisfactory agreement that meets the interests of the three countries and fulfills the aspirations of their peoples.

It should be noted that during the previous rounds of negotiation which spanned from 2013 to 2020, the three countries managed to reach consensus on most of the issues on the negotiating table, while a few of the outstanding issues that the three parties hope to agree on.

This meeting is scheduled to discuss procedural issues related to the role of observers and outstanding negotiating issues.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, expressed optimism and confidence in the ability of the three countries to overcome the current obstacles and reach an agreement that addresses issues related to the filling and operation of the Renaissance Dam, reiterating Sudan's adherence to its principled position based on negotiations in good faith, respect for the relevant rules of the international law, and protect the interests of Sudan.

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