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Global African History Timelines: After 1801

Global African American History Timelines:

To 1800

After 1801

This timeline covers all the events not listed on the African American History or African American History in the West timelines.


Year Events SubjectCountryEra

1801 Haitian forces capture the Spanish-ruled section of Hispaniola called Santo Domingo. The area is returned to Spanish control in 1809. The Haitians will regain control in 1822 and remain in Santo Domingo until 1844. 01-01 International Conflict

Dominican Republic


1804 On January 1, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the successor to Toussaint LOuverture, declares Saint Dominque independent and renames it Haiti. It becomes the second independent nation in the western hemisphere (after the United States). 01-01 Haitian Revolution



1804 Usman Dan Fodio initiates a holy war (jihad) that established an Islamic theocratic state, the Sokoto Caliphate, in present day Northern Nigeria. 01-02 West African Empires



1807 Great Britain abolishes the importation of enslaved Africans into its colonial possessions. 01-01 The Slave Trade

Great Britain


1807 George Bridgetower, a former child prodigy who at 11 performs his first concert before a Paris audience, is elected to the British Royal Society of Musicians. 01-02 19th Century Black Music

Great Britain


1811 Spain abolishes slavery at home and in all colonies except Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Santo Domingo. 01-01 Emancipation



1813 Argentina abolishes slavery. 01-01 Emancipation



1814 Mauritania becomes a French colony. 01-01 Colonial Conquest



1814 Great Britain gains control of the Seychelles from France. 01-02 Colonial Administration

The Seychelles


1816 Shaka Zulu becomes King of the Zulu nation and begins to create an empire in the southern African interior. 01-01

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