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A Biography of the Recording Artist/ Actress Beyonce


Notable Achievement:

Holds the record for most Grammys (6) won in a single night by a female artist (a record shared with Adele who has also won 6)


September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas


Attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston

Family Background:

Born to Matthew and Tina Knowles, Beyoncé was the first of two children. She and her younger sister Solange were raised in an upscale neighborhood of Houston, Texas.

Matthew Knowles had a successful career as a six-figure salesman of medical requirement. Tina worked at a bank and eventually opened up a beauty salon.

Childhood and Early Career Influences:

To help her make friends, Beyoncé"s mother signed her up for dance classes. It soon became apparent that singing was what Beyoncé enjoyed the most. She started performing at a young age; she was already entering talent competitions at 7. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 were the most influential to Beyoncé. In 1992 she joined the six-piece girl"s group, Gyrls Tyme. The group competed on Ed McMahon"s Star Search. Beyoncé"s parents encouraged her from the start; although they didn"t win Star Search, Matthew Knowles left his job and started to manage the girl band that was re-named Destiny"s Child. Tina Knowles went on to make costumes for Destiny"s Child, which at this point consisted of four girls including Beyoncé"s cousin Kelly Rowland.

High School and Career with Destiny"s Child:

Although Beyoncé attended high school, Destiny"s Child eventually prompted home-schooling. After signing with Columbia Records, the group released their first record in 1998. Destiny"s Child experienced continued success into the early 2000"s. In 2001, Destiny"s Child won a Grammy for their song "Say My Name." In 2002, Beyoncé won ASCAP"s Pop Songwriter of the Year Award, becoming the first African-American female to do so.

Solo Career:

Beyoncé released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love in the spring of 2003. Both the single "Crazy in Love" and the album itself dominated the music

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