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Global African History Bibliography Authors & Editors

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Adefuye, Ade and Others History of the Peoples of Lagos State Yes

Adeola, James In Their Own Voices: African Women Writers Talk Yes

Afonja, Simi and Tola Olu Pearce Social Change in Nigeria Yes

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Ajayi, J.F. Ade and Michael Crowder History of West Africa Yes

Akin, Olaloku, F. and Others Structure of the Nigerian Economy Yes

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Awe, Bolanle Nigerian Women in Historical Perspective Yes

Azevedo, Mario Africana Studies: A Survey of Africa and the African Diaspora Yes

Beckett, Paul and Crawford Young Dilemmas of Democracy in Nigeria Yes

Beckles, Hilary Caribbean Freedom: Economy and Society from Emancipation to the Present Yes

Beissinger, Mark and Crawford Young Beyond State Crisis? Postcolonial Africa and Post-Soviet Eurasia in Comparative Perspective Yes

Benjamin, Thomas Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism Since 1450 Yes

Bennett, Norman and George E. Brooks, Jr. New England Merchants in Africa: A History Through Documents, 1802 to 1865 Yes

Benyon, John Scarman and After: Essays Reflecting on Lord Scarman"s Report, the [Brixton] Riots, and Their Aftermath Yes

Berg, Robert J and Jennifer Seymour Whitaker Strategies for African Development Yes

Brana-Shute, Rosemary and Randy J. Sparks Paths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World Yes

Busby, Margaret Daughters of Africa: An International Anthology of Words and Writings by Women of African Descent

Amazing Grace: President Obama's Bold and Moving Speech on Race in Charleston

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