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Legendary World Rugby Hall of Famer, Phaidra Knight Launches Size-Inclusive Activewear

[ad_1] Rugby Hall of Famer, Phaidra Knight, has teamed up with leading fashion manufacturer, The Powell Companies Real, LLC (TPCR)  to launch PSK Collective, a fusion of activewear and streetwear designed to push the boundaries of today’s fashion offerings, combining top trends with functional details to empower, inspire and unleash the inner athlete, as well as shift existing attitudes surrounding fashion, expression and equality. As a lifelong athlete, Knight never had the “traditional” female figure and was often forced to turn to custom clothing to fit her strong and athletic build. Realizing she wasn’t alone in her struggle, Knight was inspired to create the PSK Collective – a functional, size-inclusive and sustainably-designed activewear line that gives back a significant amount of proceeds to young women in sports.  Identifying this whitespace in the fashion market, PSK Collective caters to athletic-bodied girls, women and individuals alike. Further pushing the boundaries of style and equality are the brand’s team of Ambassadors – a group of 10 champion professional female athletes across diverse backgrounds and sports – each of whom uphold the brand’s core values of perseverance, strength and inclusivity, inspiring the athlete within all of us. The PSK Collective is a fusion of activewear and streetwear. It is designed to push the boundaries of today’s fashion offerings, combining top trends with functional details to empower, inspire and unleash the inner athlete. It is also designed to shift existing attitudes around fashion, expression and equality. Standing apart from the competition, the brand is launching a full court press for the greater good of social justice, and offers inclusive sizing and accessible price points so that all women can enjoy the shopping experience together, regardless of their age, size or background. The collection features stylish, comfortable apparel across all categories, along with contemporary fashion items including face masks and other PPE, all thoughtfully designed with notions of flawless, confidence-inspiring fits and real women in mind. The collection is being launched to bring much needed exposure to female athletes worldwide, and in beneficiary partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) – a sport- and equity-based nonprofit organization with which Knight has been associated for years. Knight’s role in WSF has advanced during that time from an advocacy internship responsibility to a WSF Athlete Ambassador and member of the Board of Trustees. Knight joins many other notable international Collective athletes committed to empowering the next generation of female athletes, and are doing so in many ways, including donating 15% of all PSK Collective net profits to WSF’s efforts. We spoke with Phaidra Knight, Founder of PSK Collective, to hear from her firsthand about her journey as a champion professional female athlete, her road to creating PSK Collective and more. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a black female athlete and how did you overcome them

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