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Master P

Percy Miller also known as Master P, was born on April 29, 1970 in New Orleans. He is an American actor, rapper, producer and an entrepreneur. Miller’s parents were divorced when he was very young, due to which he went back and forth from his grandmother’s house in New Orleans to his mother’s house in Richmond, CA. He, along with his four siblings, was brought up in New Orleans Calliope Projects, which was a neighborhood high in crime rates. He grew up on the outside of the drug and hustling culture but along with this he developed a love of basketball.

Master P, went to Warren Easton High School in New Orleans. In 1987, he graduated from high school and then attended the University of Houston on an athletic scholarship. Millers dropped out of university in his freshman year and got transferred to Merritt College in Oakland, California. Right after Miller dropped out from university, his grandfather passed away leaving him with $10,000, with which he opened his own record store called No Limit Records in Richmond, California. His two years of business classes came in handy too, with the business.

Initially No limit Records was just a store and not a label. When Miller realized that there was a rap audience who loved street-level beats that the major labels weren’t providing, he decided to turn the store into a record label, in 1990. Get Away Clean was his debut album which was released in 1991 followed by Mama’s Bad Boy which was released in 1992 through In-A-Minute Records. After the release of Mama’s Bad Boy, Miller decided to move the No Limit Record back to his hometown, New Orleans. Miller’s gained some real success with the release of his third album The Ghettos Tryin’ to Kill Me, in 1994. In the following year, he released 99 Ways to Die. Miller promoted his music through word of mouth since he was operating without a national distribution deal and even without one, he managed to sell 250,000 copies. In the same year, Master P along with TRU released their third album together by the name of True. This