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NGage Concierge Real Estate Services

Q: It has been a few years since you were last featured in Savoy Magazine. Catch us up on what you’ve been doing.

A: For those who are not familiar with me, I was honored to be included in Savoy’s list of the Top 100 Women in Corporate America as Senior Vice President of Global Brand Marketing and Client Development in the banking and financial services industry a couple of years ago. At that time, I had also just completed a sabbatical of sorts from finance, during which time I fulfilled a lifelong goal of living and working in Italy which signaled a significant paradigm shift in my approach to my life and career.

My goal had always been to become an entrepreneur and launch my own brand in order to leverage the best of what my MBA and executive experience had given me. Developing a business model that applied the wealth of invaluable experiences, skills and perspectives I accumulated while working with a range of Fortune 100 companies was very exciting to me. As such, NGage Properties Group (a residential real estate firm headquartered on Capitol Hill) was established, as well as Black Pharaoh (a real estate development company), both of which operate in the Washington, DC – Maryland – Virginia metropolitan areas.

Q: I feel like there are more realtors now than ever before. How do you separate yourself from your competitors in the residential real estate industry?

A: Almost everybody knows a realtor. It doesn’t take much to obtain a real estate license – especially when compared with the standard pedigree needed by high earning business executives. As you would expect, people, with increasing frequency, have certainly gravitated towards this growing industry where there is potential to make tremendous money, but without the obstacles to entry of other professional pursuits.

At my residential real estate firm, we are always improving our model of personalized, boutique service. As such, we’ve enjoyed a near 90% referral rate for new clients which is practically unheard of in the real estate industry

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