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What I Just Learned About Black People In Early American History Blew My Mind

A friend just sent me a video that changed my view on American history.

The Black History Deception - Duration: 18:52. Shawn Lov 274,973 views

Gentiles Awakening: African Americans ARE the Israelites - Duration: 21:52. Yosef Ben Yisrael 195,000 views

Pt 1 Glenn Beck AMERICAS BLACK FOUNDING FATHERS Founders Friday - Duration: 10:47. TedVoron 156,482 views

DNA HOAX. African Americans Aint African - Duration: 7:12. 1000gohead 2,108,926 views

WHITE WOMAN Tells The Truth About BLACK PEOPLE - Duration: 2:46. BlacksUnited - Erika. 977,324 views

Black African History and BLACK Empires You Were Never Told About - Duration: 8:00. Khalif Sarahize 124,929 views

Why does everybody dislike Black People? - Duration: 8:49. BringBackBlack 506,958 views

Re: The Real First Black President - Duration: 4:45. MaLon Israel 1,810,711 views

Why Black Men Dont Date Black Women - Duration: 7:20. Shennel Marshay 330,482 views

White Man tells the Ignored Truths of Black History - Duration: 20:57. Standin Tall 477,418 views

Even a white sister Tells you who the true people of The Bible are, wake up! - Duration: 2:27. King YaaQob 172,208 views

Black Indian Israelite Woman Makes it Clear! - Duration: 3:02. Chuck Pitino 402,416 views

White man, let me tell you about your family. - Duration: 5:44. NoSkraelings 505,232 views

UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: Blacks were the 1st Americans pt.1 - Duration: 9:07. RevolutionaryINK 572,308 views

BLACK PEOPLE - THE BIBLE IS YOUR HISTORY BOOK - Duration: 38:43. BlacksUnited - Erika. 543,721 views


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